I wanted to start another thread, by itself here that would continue onlong the lines of the service call thread.

I have read some good "pro's" towards charging trip fees/charging for estimates, but am still not convinced that is the way to go.

I need something that will prove to me, this is the way to go.

I asked 8 people today, mostly "blue collar" people if they would pay someone for an estimate and they all said no way.

So this is what I pose. I am going to ask people, my own kinda marketting tool, about wether they would, or would not use a contractor based on these fees. However, this is where I am stuck. Any question can be asked, and the answer can be manipulated by knowing how to ask the question. So rather than me asking the question my way, which would I guess be biased in some way, I ask you guys for help.

How would you word it? Or how can I non-biasedly(if that is a word), ask this question to both "blue and white" collar folks.

Here was my way:

Would you call a contractor, to give you an estimate for work you needed done, if you knew in advance, that the contractor was going to charge you for the estimate?

Like I said, so far 8 for 8, were no's.

Any takers?