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 Assorted Tips and Safety Info

In this area you will find some Tips and Information on various topics.

If you have a topic that you would like to see here, let us know.

Email:  Topics@Electrical-Contractor.net

The GFI Story
Is it time for a Change?
Service Panel
Great Looking Kitchen!
That New Kitchen

Looks Cozy, ...Right?... Well, ...Maybe
Buying a Home?

Looks Relaxing, Right?
Pools & Hot Tubs

Building Something?

Portable Generator

UL Markings, What are they?
What it Means

Lets Have a Safe Holiday Season
Have a Safe Holiday

Smoke Detectors Save Lives
Smoke Detectors
  House For Sale
Selling a Home?
New Fixtures?  Read the Fine Print
New Fixtures
1875 Watt hairdryers
1875w Hairdryer
What You Should Know About Space Heaters from the CPSCWhat You
Should Know
about Space Heaters

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