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Frequently Asked Questions and Comments

Frequently Asked Questions

"My lights were off but now they're on, I guess I don't need you"

     Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!! If power goes out and back on by itself it is a sign of a poor connection somewhere in the circuit. This is the type of thing that can build up heat to dangerous levels if not located promptly and repaired.

Why do my bulbs keep burning out? 

     Bulbs can burn out from a voltage problem, but one of the main causes We've seen is from vibration or loose bulbs. If you are constantly changing the same bulbs try a "Rough Service" type of bulb. These are more durable.

Can't you just put in a bigger Breaker?

     No, The Breaker size is directly related to the size of the smallest wire in that circuit. It is rated to ensure that the current does not exceed the safe limits of the wiring. The Breaker size cannot be increased without changing to larger wires.

But it's been that way for years

     That may very well be that "it's been that way" but that does not make it right. A Licensed Electrician is trained to know what is Safe and Proper Wiring. When he is asked to repair something he is bound by duty to do it right. Please don't ask him to do otherwise.

I just need you to hook it up

     Many times We come across a situation in which some (often undisclosed)  person has installed wiring in the hopes of saving money, and requests that the Electrician "Just hook it up to the Box" ... Well, very often this is not as much of a money saver as people would like to think ... Any reputable electrician will want to know something about what he (or she) is being asked to hook up. This may take some time to investigate, and very often if some violations are discovered things may have to be done over again. (There goes the "Savings") The Moral is: If any Electrical work is to be done it should be done by a Qualified (Licensed) Electrician. This often proves to be the money saving (and time saving) solution. 

- In some instances an Electrician may even refuse to work on jobs like this -

Can I get a FREE Estimate?

     Now, it's understood  that a Consumer wants, and has the right to know what a particular product or service will cost them, but in all fairness (to both parties) there are a few things that should be understood. Giving an estimate on an installation is sometimes easier than giving one on repairs. A Contractor may be reluctant to come give an estimate on repair work unless they are assured of getting the job if their price is within some predetermined limits. If the answer to the problem is not immediately obvious, you may expect to pay something for these diagnostic services. Repairs may sometimes have a very simple solution, but it may take some extensive labor and troubleshooting procedures to find out what that solution is, and the Contractor has a right to be compensated for this. 

- Recommendation: Choose a Reputable Local Contractor (with references if necessary).

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