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 Have a Safe, Happy Holiday

Peace on Earth

Once again it's the Holiday Season and many of us will be decorating with lights and other electrical apparatus. Some of us tend to go a little overboard with our Decorating during this Season. Please read all labeling associated with anything Electrical. Be careful not to overload circuits, those little bulbs can really add up! The safer these Holidays are, the more enjoyable they will be for everyone. Following some basic guidelines, mixed with a little common sense will go a long way towards making this Season Bright

  • Use only UL Listed Equipment

  • Some Xmas Light sets are for Indoor use only

  • Most light sets say not to put on a metal tree

  • Keep a Live Tree well watered and Discard when
    it starts to dry out

  • Do not staple, pinch or stress wiring

  • Read how many sets can be hooked End To End

  • Outside Lighting and Decorations should only be 
    plugged into a GFCI Protected Receptacle.

  • Keep all plugs and connectors off the ground
    (This will keep them out of Puddles and Snow)

  • No Cords across walkways or Driveways

  • No cords passing through doorways or windows

  • Do not modify light sets in any way .. Discard if Damaged

Have a Safe, Happy Season

     If You're not sure how to do any of this Safely, Ask a Local Qualified Electrician for assistance. Have him install sufficient outdoor (GFCI Protected) receptacles for the planned installation of Decorations. It's best to put them on a new circuit if at all possible. These can be controlled by switches or timers in a variety of ways to suit your needs or preferences. You've probably thought about it, why not do it the right way this year? 

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