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1875 Watt hairdryers

1875 Watts? - what does that mean?

Wow!A Watt is a measurement of how much power something uses. If you divide the wattage by the voltage it will tell you the amperage.

(1875w/125v = 15A) so, 1875 Watts = 15 amps

The Bathroom outlet in most homes is only on a 15 amp circuit breaker!!. Unless your house is Brand New this is probably the case. And this 15 amp circuit probably supplies lights and/or outlets in several other rooms as well.

      This is a potentially hazardous situation. Although the Hair Dryer may run for awhile while other loads are also on (or is used on a Lower Heat setting) this is putting an awful strain on the Electrical system. Any slightly loose connection could cause heat to build up and this only tends to get worse until the circuit breaks somehow. This could mean that the Circuit Breaker Trips or that the loose connection separates or burns away. The NEC Code, as of 1999, calls for a 20 Amp circuit for Bathroom receptacles (GFCI of course) with no other devices in other rooms connected to it (except for another Bathroom Receptacle). Because it is so important that this, and other Small Appliance Circuits be installed properly, it should only be attempted by an experienced Electrician.

Hire Only Licensed Professionals!!


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