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Are You Building or Remodeling?

Building Something?

     Whether you're building an small extension, or a whole house there are basic steps that should be followed. Plans first, then Permits then you're ready to start. The steps are basically the same no matter what the size of the project.

Plan it Out Now!     Any Licensed Electrician should be able to wire the project according to code. He may suggest some extra things, He may not. Installing additional wiring at this time is almost always the best solution. There are things He may not think of that you can Ceiling Fans - A Good Idea for almost any room! ask about. If Central A/C is ever to be in your future it is easier to install the wiring now while the walls are open.  Anywhere that you may use wall or window Air Conditioners should have a separate circuit installed for that outlet.  Ceiling Fans need special support and  it's easier to install the supports and boxes now.Not Crazy about Heights?  Something to think about.

    Lighting is an important consideration in any project. Try and visualize the finished rooms and how they will be used. Should the box for the Dining Room chandelier really be in the center of the room ?.. usually not. By the time the furniture is in the room it won't be centered over the table. If you put the Fixture way up there who's going to change the Bulb? ... These are things you should think about. Look here for some Info and Ideas If you can, you should try to place the furniture in your mind and plan your lighting accordingly. Several different types of lighting under separate controls can add great flexibility to a room for changing moods and uses. Get some ideas from magazines or lighting catalogs. Check our Info & Ideas page. The more planning you do, the smoother the project will go...  And finally, maybe some extra circuits should be run for future use. Any wiring done now will save time and avoid possible damages later.

Some things to consider installing now:

  • Outside Receptacles for Xmas Lighting?
  • Run additional circuits for Workshop areas?
  • Security Lighting with switches in several locations?
  • Attic Lighting in storage areas
  • Garage Door Opener circuit?
  • Extra Telephone and Cable Outlets


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