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 That New Kitchen

Thinking about that new Kitchen?

Very Nice!

It's probably the best single improvement you can make to your home. It's certainly the most costly, so it's important to get it right. Pick out some new cabinets, a new countertop, maybe some new appliances to replace old tired ones. Maybe some new Lighting and a Fan.

It will all look great!, But... don't forget to consider the Electrical Wiring in your kitchen. Are the new appliances more powerful than the ones you are replacing? That new Self-Cleaning Range with the Instant-Heat Cook top cannot run on that old 30 amp circuit. You cannot replace the Exhaust Hood over the Stove with a Microwave without having a new Circuit installed. Check to see if the Dishwasher is on it's own circuit! Now is the time to add those new outlets you always wish you had! Appliances have changed over the years, they've become more powerful and we have a lot more of them in our Homes and particularly in our Kitchens. Your kitchen should have at least 2 20 amp circuits at the countertops (so you can use several powerful appliances at once) all should be GFCI protected and they should be no more than 4 ft apart and at every countertop 12 inches or wider. Major appliances should have their own circuits.

 Now is the time to do all this. You may not figure that you need all this " Extra Stuff " but it is part of the current Electrical Code and makes it Done Right. The new Kitchen might look pretty but if you can't use it safely and efficiently then you have not made much of an improvement!  Look for more Ideas at our Info & Ideas page

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