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 Good Ol' Days

Old Fan

     Those were the days ...  Doctors made housecalls, there was Penny Candy, and a Movie and Popcorn cost under a Buck. Life seemed simpler and maybe it was. In those days you only needed one "Plug" in a room and could do almost anything with the right assortment of extension cords and adapters.

        Well, appliances were much simpler (and much less powerful too). In those days 30 and 60 amp services were the norm. Nowadays that will barely run an Electric Dryer (30a) or a Self Cleaning Oven (50a minimum.) No one would ever imagine a Hairdryer would use over 1800  watts (That's over 15 amps !!)   It's not hard to see that one of these 15 amp Hairdryers on a 15 amp circuit doesn't leave much power for anything else. 

12 amps

       As years go by our electrical needs change, and to safeguard ourselves and our families we must avoid overloading existing wiring. Overloaded circuits should be divided and more powerful appliances should be put on separate circuits. Kitchen wiring should be updated and additional outlets should be installed to eliminate use of extension cords. Electrical Services should be inspected with regards to Condition and Adequacy and the appropriate course of action should be taken. All this can, and should be done by a Licensed Electrician.


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