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 Selling a Home?

House For Sale Sign  Selling a Home?

     To anyone selling a Home there are always 2 things of utmost importance, the first is that they sell the house for the price they're asking, and the second is that the sale goes smoothly. As far as the Selling Price is concerned there are many factors that would affect this (assuming the Asking Price is within reason) some, like local economic conditions, are not within your control. One thing that you do have control over is the general condition and "Presentability" of your Home. Aside from basic structural conditions the appearance of a house is what makes it sell. Getting it in the best possible condition prior to selling will make the house more attractive to prospective buyers. Paying attention to details will pay off in the long run. As  far as the Electrical System is concerned these are some things you can check or inspect, any of these can detract from the overall impression of the House, some of these are easy to remedy:

  • Are there open Boxes (without covers?)
  • Switches Upside-Down?
    (On is Down? - 3ways OK if Down)
  • Broken Outlets/Switches, Missing Covers.
  • Mismatched  Colors on Covers
  • Loose Wiring (without staples)
  • Replace burned-out bulbs in fixtures

Other things that should be checked and Improvements that would enhance the Electrical System and improve your Homes' value include:

(These should be done by a Qualified Licensed Electrician)

  • Replacement of old 2 prong outlets with 3 prong Grounded type
  • Installation of GFCI devices where required
  • Installation of additional Receptacles in Kitchen if needed
  • New 20 amp circuits for Bathroom Outlets (GFCI type, for use with Hairdryers)
  • Adequate outside Lighting and Receptacles
  • Service repair or replacement if necessary (if in poor condition, outdated, or undersized for existing load)
  • Proper modifications to Aluminum Wiring 
House Sold Sign

As far as the Sale going smoothly is concerned it helps if you have all the necessary Permits (if required) and certificates of occupancy or compliance. If you're not sure how to obtain these and would like assistance with this, there are agencies that specialize in doing just that.

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