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I did one Pfizer and #2 is Sunday. The first shot gave me a buzz, sort of like drinking too much Nyquil and the stuffiness head cold thing that might have you doing that. It lasted several hours and my arm was tender for 2 days. Some of that arm thing might just be the person giving the shot. They seemed to be pretty aggressive with the plunger.

That is quite strange, Greg, although I think you were best to get the Pfizer dose, there is so much going on with the other forms of this vaccine (namely AstraZeneca), that make people hesitant to be dosed with it, and that isn't good.
And it isn't because of racism or anything like it (more my own safety), but I would hate to think that something from China or Russia is going to help me at all, considering the ad-hoc nature that had occurred when their vaccines were released.
I believe the NZ Government has gone with Pfizer, but if you're a lowly tradesman like myself, you're at the bottom of the list and I "might" get a vaccine dose by mid 2022.
We are coming into Autumn (Fall) here, it's anyones guess how this Winter is going to go, because after the lock-down of last year, anyone who didn't have to go to work, stayed home.

Every year, the world over, colds and 'flu's get worse, that is a given, this whole Covid-19 thing, should have taught the most stupid of us to put your damn hand over your mouth when you cough or sneeze!!