"Of course if this were for a mobile home a disconnect would be a requirement."

I do not beleive there is a requirement to have a disconnect further than 30 feet from a MOBILE OR MANUFACTURED home. There may be a POCO requirement for this or AHJ but nothing in the code.

No disconnect is reqired at a meterbase on the pole whether it is a house or a mobile home.

The main has to be on either side of the wall for a residence.

The disconnect can be mounted on a MANUFACTURED HOME but NOT a MOBILE HOME. ( I would not reccommend it)

You still need a disconnect inside a mobile home or manufactured home even if you have a disconnect within 30 feet.

Meters are placed by the POCO so they can read them and so they do not have to change drawings for different drops at an address.

We just hashed all this out in another thread..



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