Thanks, Rodalco...

As for winnie, jwhite and WFO, maybe you guys can answer the question I posed to Larry above. I read what you suggested, winnie, and didn't find the answer. Thanks for passing along all that book knowledge that didn't really answer the question. I did learn some things from that, so thank you!

It appears that if I get shocked on the secondary side, it would be the same VA as if I got shocked on the primary side...which appears that it would make no difference. People say to me, "it's the amps that kill you, not the volts." I reply, "OK then, how about if I grab ahold of 480 volts at 1 amp?" They reply, " higher voltage, the volts will kill you." Either the volts will get me, or the amps will get me, but in my example above, the VA is the same. What's the difference in how badly I get shocked on the secondary vs. the primary, and why?

Either you know the answer or you don't. Please don't act wise and tell me "go read the manual"'s not in there.