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#14474 09/23/02 09:10 AM
Joined: Dec 2001
Posts: 440
Likes: 3
I would love to testify of this perfect job that I have, and how I love going to work every day, but I can't. I'm tired. The thing that is so painful is, the problem lies with me. I have no motivation, and haven't for the last couple of years. This thread could go in any direction, but I would like to keep it work related. I know my convictions concerning God and family.
I guess my question is, when you reach down inside to grab whatever it takes to keep going to work every day, and there is nothing there to grab hold of, what do you do?
I'm 35 years old, and I know that I have several more "working" years in front of me. Right now I just don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I know that I'm not the only one who has ever felt this way. I just want my visit to this state of mind to end as soon as possible.
Any word of advice would be obliged.

With an open heart,

The Watt Doctor
Altura Cogen
Channelview, TX
#14475 09/23/02 09:50 AM
Joined: May 2002
Posts: 202

Iam 30yrs old married with 4kids, have struggled all my life to get what i have now and i don't have much a modest home an old truck and an older van for the wife. I know what you mean i went back to school to get a degree to better myself and still looking for that great job. There have been many days when i just wanted to throw it all away. The why bother attitude iam not getting anywere whats the point. but i do love what i do and know that it can only get better and when i look at the pitcure of my kids on my tool box it keeps me going. But also remember that if you are not happy in what you are doing there is only one person who can change that and it is you. There are positive things in all that you do dig deep and hold onto them and your family. there are people alot worse than me or you who have no jobs homes or money to feed there kids let alone buy them a new bike. and if you have spent years working maybe if you have the money you should take some much needed time off and spend with the family that has been your driving force for somany years. I wish you luck DOC, I think we all have been were you are now.

#14476 09/23/02 10:01 AM
Joined: Aug 2001
Posts: 7,520
I understand how you feel; I guess we've all been there at some time or another.

I'm 36, single, no kids. Not that I wouldn't love to have a family as I'm sure that loved ones provide such a much-needed boost to ones desire to keep going for them as much as for oneself. But it just hasn't happened for me yet.

Have you ever thought about branching out, doing some slightly different work within your field? Maybe that would provide a change of scenery, so to speak. Or maybe even talk it over with the family and decide upon a radically different lifestyle?

You know, the sort of thing that "crazy" people do, such as move to somewhere in South America and help provide power to remote villages, or something like that. Still the work you know and understand, but looked at from a somewhat different perspective. O.K., maybe I'm crazy, but sometimes a radical change is what's needed. (Like when I packed up and went out to Nebraska.)

#14477 09/23/02 10:14 AM
Joined: Feb 2002
Posts: 11
Doc,i know what you are feeling.six years ago this happened to me.during this time my wife of 20 years was diagnosed with terminal in god support from co workers etc got me thru this time.i realize now that i was bored with my work lost interest men our work is our pride when we lose interest it affects us.this feeling will pass,open the bible there is always peace to be found within its pages.god bless

#14478 09/23/02 10:39 AM
Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 745
Good Morning Doc;
This is a situation I've been fighting for a number of years now. I'm 49 years old, and have worked at Wharton County Junior College in Wharton for the past 27 years (going on 28...sounds even longer that way, doesn't it...). Lately, my standard response to "how long have you worked there" has been "too ^*&%&% long!" Many days, I feel more like a commodity than a human being, working harder, and getting paid less, and feeling like there is no value in my life. When I don't have the ball and chain on, I spend my time doing things which do bring some value to me - working part time as a Paramedic with our local EMS, being a volunteer firefighter, playing the organ for my church, and doing lighting design for my community theatre group here. I also operate a small commercial sound business and provide equipment for stage productions and special events in the area. And somewhere in the midst of all this, I have a wonderful family - my wife and two children, the oldest of which has just received her R.N. and works at the local hospital.

I guess what I'm saying by all this. Doc, is that I realize things at work could be a heck of a lot better. But at the same time, at the end of eight hours, I turn off the lights and go home and thoroughly enjoy my family and activities. These are the things that I work for, these are the things that I live for.

I used to think that I was absolutely insane for staying at the same place for twenty-some-odd years, when many people around me change jobs as often as five times in the space of a year. I guess the reason I stay with it is because the job is there, and the paycheck keeps coming at the end of each month.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Doc. Whatever you decide to do, I hope all works out well for you. [Linked Image]

Mike (mamills)

Don't forget your friends here at ECN!

#14479 09/23/02 11:01 AM
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 360
Um, Allow me to recommend some reading. If I correctly read between the lines here, I think this might aim you in a direction that will help. I was/am in the same place, but I think I am understanding things a little better now, with some things I learned through this book. Try "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge,
been there, done that, moving on without necessarally changing the address.


#14480 09/23/02 11:07 AM
Joined: May 2001
Posts: 717
Sorry to hear it. BOY have I been there. I think if I could have gotten a job cooking fries at McD's I would have years ago.

Paul, Yup, it's definitely the kids that make me get up a lot of mornings, they've grown used to eating, and the banker just insists he hear from me once a month too! (frankly, he ain't got long to hear from me though ).

Keep smiling, you don't have to lie to yourself and tell you it's enjoyable, that won't help anyway. The things I do on the side are probably where I get my enjoyment, and that sure as H@#l ain't electrical work. For me it's teaching, and FCC related items, but it's a relief valve.

As for church, burned out on that years ago as well, not God understand, and I still do individual study groups etc.. Enjoy it immensely.

Wish I had a magic solution for you, bro., but there ain't one. One foot in front of the other and eventually the walking becomes normal again. Heck, I do have a dream job is what most people consider, and it's still tough sometimes to get up and come in.

What happened to construction work? I do have opinions, and heck, I'm part of the problem, but I don't see it getting a lot better.

I have a sign that hangs by my desk, it says "Everyone here is jealous cause the voices only talk to me!!" I also have one that hangs up when I'm off that says "The voices told me to stay home and clean the guns today". That kinda nonsense at least allows me to have it a bit light on occasion.

Hang in there and smile, it makes 'em wonder what you're up to!!!!

Walking with you dude,


#14481 09/23/02 12:22 PM
Joined: Aug 2002
Posts: 1,081
Watts Up, Doc?

(Some of what I have written here is directed at myself as well.)

May I suggest you contact your physician and get a full checkup--blood levels also.

"bobc" mentioned "as men our work is our pride when we lose interest it affects us."

Don't be too proud to talk this over with your physician. This sure sounds like depression. That can definitely affect your whole being--family life, social life, work, etc.

Wattever you decide, Doc, you're a young fellow and aside from the "working years" ahead, you have plenty of years ahead.

Sometimes one can not see the light at the end of the tunnel because they haven't gone around the curve yet...then it's right there, much closer than they ever would have imagined.

(Hey, you're a master electrician--rig up your own light!!)

Doc, take it easy, take it slow, but just take it--one day at a time.

#14482 09/23/02 01:05 PM
Joined: Aug 2002
Posts: 112
i had a habit of going through one of those "burn-out" stages every 8 to 10 years, for a long time. the last time, i quit my business, turned it over to my son-in-law, and got a job selling electrical and plumbing supplies in the local hardware store. for 7.50 per hour!. a drastic change like that, however temporary, seems to work well for me, in flushing those "blues" outa my system. i went back to my business a few months later, feeling refreshed, and full of energy again. [Linked Image]

i know a man locally, right now, who is an electrical engineer, and a state inspector. he has taken an "indeterminate" leave of absence from his job, and is running a Bass Pro Shop.
others have gone into volunteer work through their churches, or Habitat for Humanity, or a Missions Ministry such as Samaritans Purse.
when i lost interest in doing the work for my own fulfillment, i re-focused, and kept on doing it, for my family. and, i pray a lot....... [Linked Image]

[This message has been edited by gramps (edited 09-23-2002).]

#14483 09/23/02 01:12 PM
Joined: Jan 2002
Posts: 122
Been there done that! It took me a while to realize that I was un-happy at work. For me it all came to a head when a promotion came up in a company I had been with for 10 years and I was passed over. (It went to a guy who had been with them on and off for about 8 years and he would quit if a better job came along at any time , and eventually ...he did) After being a company man for so long it took me 2 more years to realize that it was O.K. to make a change for the job I really wanted, to make work secondary and make the family number one. (I missed many school functions got home after 8:00PM many times and rescheduled vactions around a job completion. went in at 11:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 PM countless times and kept working on through the next day. Worked I don't know how many Saturdays always figuring it would pay off somewhere down the road) You can never get those days back!
During those 2 years I was the most moody unhappy person around. Looking back I am surprised I held my job, I would have let myself go within a few months I wouldn't work any OT, didn't take any crap from any of our customers. (in other words I had confrontations with all but one) [Linked Image] Even made a grown man cry so they tell me. (That one I am not ashamed of! He was a complete idiot and had no business doing what he was doing. As for the rest I should have been more cooperative I am not sure how I didn't burn any bridges)

If it was not on the plans I would not do it! If the plans were drawn wrong and I new it I went out of my way to try and get them to provide new plans before I would make changes. These were regular customers who started to rely on us for "Turn-Key" projects. Many times jobs were completed before we were given accurate plans. We were given these jobs without having to bid against anyone. When the new jobs were starting I would get the info from the owner of our company and I felt like the eternal apprentice. Some of the things that he would explain seemed so elementary. I felt like I could never get out from under his thumbs. (In his defense he used to teach first year apprentices and was a very good communicator) My nextell seemed to turn off for no apparent reason. I just felt as though all the extra miles I went before were for nothing. So for about a year I looked for that "Perfect Job" and when I found it I left. Stayed there for 2 years started as service manager and left as chief estimator and went back to the old company (I wanted to be with a company that I had helped build a solid repution for) for about 3 weeks. Once I was there for a week the hair on the back of my neck stood up when the same things started to happen again. I gave my notice and ...

I took a job out of state (never thought I would leave the area I grew up in) moved the family and life has been pretty good since. The job I took went south they lost there Government Contract so I opened up my own shop. Now at times I almost feel semi-retired. The wife works from 5:00 AM until 10:00 AM and I wait to start my day till after my daughter gets on the bus for school 8:00 AM. Now I schedule work around my life as much as possible, make sure I am at the school functions I missed before, volunteer at school now and then. Usually work in town, and play as much as possible.

I finally figured that life was too short to be un-happy at work.

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