I had a call last week. One hour round trip travel, she was 30 minutes late for the appointment & we spent an hour talking about her electrical problems/repairs (2.5 hours total). There's a UF wire between the house & garage above ground in 2 places. I quote conduit underground, but she doesn't want it underground (the squirrels will eat it). I quote it overhead, but she doesn't want it overhead (the squirrels will eat it). Besides, the last guy only charged $350 (and it only lasted 18 months & is above ground).

Now she's going to complain to the BBB about the $75 service charge which she agreed to on the phone & in a signed contract. I don't even want to calculate how much money I lost at $75 for 2.5 hours plus the time to deal with the only BBB complaint I've ever had.

If it weren't so rare I'd work for someone else.