Looks about normal to me! [Linked Image] [Linked Image]

I see a lot of this sort of "choc-block" extended wiring where a new panel is installed but there isn't enough slack left in the old cables to make the new terminations.

Why are there black wires going into the top of the MCB (3rd from the left)?.

Well, black is now a phase color under the new system, but I can't figure it out either. [Linked Image] The MCB is off and has no label on the panel.

Clearly the shower circuit is new (MCB immediately to the left of the RCD), and I assume that the large blue conductor on the left-hand neutral bar is part of that circuit.

There's also a smaller gauge blue wire going to the right-hand (non-RCD) neutral bar though. Where is the phase associated with that one? Could it be the brown wire laying directly in front of the incoming tails? Looks like its just taped up and not connected to anything though.

If one of those black wires was part of a new-style cable the gray could have been cut back and brown left spare I suppose. That doesn't explain the second black wire.