Hager stuff just seems cheap and flimsy to me, at least the residential panels.
I would never use a Hager enclosure unless it was a 2 or 4 pole box.
What I was talking about was the Hager line of MCB's and associated equipment, with respect to RCD's and the like.
I know what you mean with respect to thier plastic Consumer Units and so forth, I've snapped the plastic DIN Rail off in them fitting the Circuit Breakers
I prefer to use something local like PDL or if I have the chance,I get a custom Switch-board made by a company like Vynco,
at least they give a pan unit with real metal to connect to and they come with the board all fully set up.
Good on them guys at Vynco!!. [Linked Image]
I don't like plastic, cheap rubbish. [Linked Image]