I am about to upgrade a 200A 240/120V single phase service, which the local utility shows as 18KW peak & 14KW normal usage. Renovations will introduction a 15 HP 208V elevator motor. I plan to upgrade the service to 200A 208Y120V . Peak usage should be 18KW / 360V = 50A , adding the 15 HP motor at 46+ amps would be 96+ amps.The elevator motor will have a solid state soft start,The MDP will feed it via a 125A 3PH breaker, as well as to the three other existing subpanels via 100,100,&60Amp breakers. It seems to me that the basic math here would justify the upgrade to 200, no further,especially considering there is little chance for any electrical growth past the addition of said elevator.Please correct me if i am off here.....Thanks! [Linked Image]