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#141381 07/30/04 06:08 PM
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 200
Well...had a right "interesting" converstion with my insurers today. It's time to renew the PL/3P cover again. I was somewhat taken aback however, the convo went like this:
"Blah, blah,blah...Do you do 3ph work"?
"Inspection and testing to 16th edition"?
"Indeed, yes"
"ok....Do you do PAT testing"?
" that case we can't cover you"
"If you do PAT testing we can't cover you anymore"
"Wh...You can't cover me"?
"That's correct...sorry"
"Why not"?
"It's in case you tell someone that their...I don't ok, but then it turns out not to be and they sue"
[Linked Image] "You're joking"!
"No sir, sorry, it's quite correct"
"But I do installation testing...that's not a problem; you said so yourself"! [Linked Image]
"Yes, that's different though"
"Waddayamean different"??
"'s fixed's different. PAT is portable - that's what the P means in the word...'portable' it's different"
*Quick reality check here - reach for ciggy's* [Linked Image]
"Oddly enough I know what PAT testing is...I've been doing it for three years plus"
"And we've been covering you"?
"Hmm. Well we shouldn't have been"
"Ok" [Linked Image] "Let me get this straight. I can wire out a complete building to the best of my capability - taking into account all kinds of variables. I can test it using a specialist preset multitestmeter designed for the job and fill out the forms accordingly. The following day the place burns down and I'm covered..."
"Uhuh, yep...that's right"
"But if I test their bloody kettle, using another specifically designed and built meter - in accordance with all the required instructions and procedures - and someone gets a shock the following day, my insurance is void"???
"That's about the shape of it...except we can't cover you at all now 'coz we know you do PAT..."
"This is a wind-up yeah..."?
"Sorry, no"
"Well...i su..."

Anyone got anything they would like to add to this?? I can scarcely believe it!

If hindsight were foresight, we'd all be millionaires!
#141382 07/31/04 05:49 AM
Joined: Jul 2002
Posts: 8,443
Likes: 3
Yeah UKsparky,
How Rediculous is all this?.
I mean, just because you perform PAT testing is NO reason to Null and Void anyones Insurance Cover.
To the Insurance Company in question I say: GRRRRRR! [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
If anything, you are preventing claims to the Insurance Co's as a whole by doing your PAT testing and I say to keep it up, but at the same time, record all the test results that you have, for each appliance and the name of the owner.
To shoot off at a tangent UK, I've had my dealings with Insurance Co's lately as a Fire Officer and one thing I do know, thus far:
  • Insurance Assessors 9/10th's of the time are sitting on their b/sides in a warm A/conditioned office.
    3 house fires this week, that I have tried to get looked at for Insurance purposes, would tend to confirm this, considering it was -1C outside.
  • Builders here get really annoyed with Insurance Companies that make thier already heavy workload, heavier by "writing off" certain parts of a Fire damaged building, especially where there is no Fire damage, not even Smoke damage and then they yhave the audacity to moan (prolifically) about the Bill!.
  • We have 2 wrecked houses in the same street in town here, burnt down because of bad wiring, the houses have never been rewired since they were built in the 40's.
    I was there during my Lunch-Break from work to talk with Steve Butler from Fire Safety department, when all of a sudden a big car turned up, stereo blaring and a guy jumped out and ran over to where we were inside the house.
    He proceeded to shake hands with us and I said "where's your helmet?"
    "My what?" he said
    He then said"Oh I won't be here long, I don't need one"
    I said "piss off then, this roof could come down any minute and Buts and I will be looking to save ourselves, not you!"
    Thing is guys there were Concrete tiles @ 5kg a piece hanging above our heads.
    If one of them hits you from a decent hieght, it's goodnight for ever!. [Linked Image]

#141383 07/31/04 05:53 PM
Joined: May 2004
Posts: 186
Does this mean no more PAT Testing then, The HSE & EWA Regs out of the window!
Whose your insurance company Uk? Bet they can do it if you pay a premium on top of your insurance. I smell revenue hunting by the insurance co. Time to change insurance co me thinks.

#141384 07/31/04 06:50 PM
Joined: Aug 2001
Posts: 7,520
How utterly ridiculous, but how typical of the way insurance companies behave these days. [Linked Image]

It's sounds about right for the mentality of the companies that they'll cover you to wire 3-ph in a whole building but consider testing an electric kettle to be too big a risk.

I could go on about car insurance and idiot companies that treat you like some kind of leper if you drive anything made west of Portugal, but that's another story......

#141385 08/01/04 07:31 PM
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 200
Hey-ho...I suppose this is what happens when you're breast-fed on litigation [Linked Image] The very system constructed to protect your interests leaves you high and dry through fear [Linked Image]

FYI the underwriters are Norwich Union - I'll not mention anything else for fear of reprisals! [Linked Image] LOL

Monday morning sees the waving of red flags and bulls charging... [Linked Image]

If hindsight were foresight, we'd all be millionaires!
#141386 08/02/04 12:24 PM
Joined: Aug 2001
Posts: 7,520
FYI the underwriters are Norwich Union - I'll not mention anything else for fear of reprisals!
Hey, were you dealing with them directly?

You know that they recently moved most of their call centers out to Delhi, or somewhere in India? Unless the branch you dealt with was still actually located in Blighty by some million-to-one chance. [Linked Image]

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