I am working on a project where there is a Kiosk or attendant booth that has a door opening into a classified location Class I div II..

I have looked at NFPA 30A and a lot of other references to determine what article would cover what the requirements would be for the electrical equipment/devices installed in the area.

as i understand it, as long as every conduit is sealed below 18" and there is NO electrical equipment or devices located within this zone there is no other requirement. pressurization is about the only way to meet the code economically.

i did find the following in my stallcups elect. design book on page 21-18..combustible gas detection system...500.2;500.7(k)

it says in a building located in, or with an opening into a classi div 2 location where the interior does not contain a source of flammable gas or vapor, electrical equipment for unclassified locations is permitted.

if the building were a wall the area would be unclassified.

thanks for any sugestions or comments.



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