Hey Rat,
I'm sitting at my desk reading your post and realized that my new Milwaukee 18 volt hammer drill was laying on the floor in its new case. Your post made me look at the nameplate on mine and, sure enough, made in Czech republic, wasin small letters in the corner. I was also shocked, especially since their factory is less than 5 miles away. I'll have to look at their manual. It'll probably say "Czech your tools before using". I will bring this up with the supplier. At least I know the Red Wing boots I wear are made in the states. Very expensive but worth it. I am going to make a point of seeing where all the other tool makers manuf their tools.
Have trouble with my computer? Have to spend twice the time on the phone because I have to ask the repairman on the other line to keep repeating himself since he's from India. Where will it all end?