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...I just purchased a Milwaukee,18 volt,Hammer-Drill Driver,"T" handle type,and unpacked it and was sooooooooo happy.....Then I read the nameplate... "Made in Czech Republic",...YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME !!!!! I wanted to repack it and bring it right back form the store I bought it from. I'm thoroughly disgusted!! I went online to,and clicked on the "Contact Us" tab,and wrote them a very derogatory letter,saying "why would they take away an American's job like that?",and how I thought they would be the LAST American Tool company to do this.. I ended my tirade saying that I won't be buying anymore of their products in the future if this is how it's gonna be..I know it's no skin off their apple,but maybe it'll make them think,...for a second or two.I'm really disgusted,..and you may say,.."Russ,nothing is made in this country anymore,everything is made overseas"... Yeah,I realize that but this just got my goat...Anyone else feel my angst?? I'm sure I'm not the only one...
Russ The Milwaukee Tool Company as we knew them is history.

They are now part of Ryobi. [Linked Image]
... I realize I have to yield to the "Winds of Change",but this really is DISGUSTING.I'm actually appalled..maybe I've been living under a rock lately,but I never knew we were in such a sorry state of affairs,..sure I knew about downsizing,taking work overseas,but where does it stop??? Hiring foreign cows to give milk? Electrical power being produced by a hamster in a wheel from some 3rd world country,being delivered via satellite,and costing us just as much, if not more than before??? You Know what?? I'll bet cigarettes are still American made...sure,thats one thing that'll always turn a profit,and it won't matter who makes them,so might as well keep that here....(I smoke,by the way,..I'm just being cynical)..
Oh,I have a great idea,lets all hire help from 3rd world countries,..gotta be cheaper right?? I could just see it now...(Pulling up to Mr.and Mrs.Moneybags' suburban home and introducing my new helper from Kuala Lampur).."Uh,,this is Faloom Bwe-Bwe,..he's my exchange helper from Asia Minor...I pay him in rice.. Totally disgusting!!!
Hey Rat,
I'm sitting at my desk reading your post and realized that my new Milwaukee 18 volt hammer drill was laying on the floor in its new case. Your post made me look at the nameplate on mine and, sure enough, made in Czech republic, wasin small letters in the corner. I was also shocked, especially since their factory is less than 5 miles away. I'll have to look at their manual. It'll probably say "Czech your tools before using". I will bring this up with the supplier. At least I know the Red Wing boots I wear are made in the states. Very expensive but worth it. I am going to make a point of seeing where all the other tool makers manuf their tools.
Have trouble with my computer? Have to spend twice the time on the phone because I have to ask the repairman on the other line to keep repeating himself since he's from India. Where will it all end?
Guys, let's be careful with where this thread is heading please.
My 18 V.Milwaukee hammer drill was made in Germany, 14.4 V. same. The charger/radio/flashlight were made in China,the batteries Japan,the cordless Sawzall and 6 1/4 circular saw good old U.S.of A. and the blade was made in N.Z.,it is very hard to buy domestic anymore,.unless you have a better idea, get used to it.

Added missing word.

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Posted By: Fred Re: Milwaukee Tools... U.S.A...? yeah, right !! - 10/25/04 02:45 AM
I'm all for free trade, but I do believe the playing field should be level. The fact that goods are produced by exploiting adults and children in third world countries makes me sick. I was attempting to assemble a light fixture that was extremely poorly made on a milion$ custom home job once. The lead carpenter was watching me struggle with it and commented, "you just can't get the quality workmanship from an 8-year-old Chinese kid that you used to". That about sums it up.
Guys, let's be careful with where this thread is heading please.

... I'm sorry,Bill,I didn't mean to offend anyone..I'll climb down off of my soapbox now..I just had to let off some steam..

I purchased a Milwaukee Sawzall (corded) about 2 weeks ago, and the nameplate says "MADE IN U.S.A.".

I buy domestic if possible, almost bought a DeWalt recip saw, but the warranty of the Milwaukee, and the Made in USA tags were the sedlling point for me. Though the Mil was about $10 more. Very happy with it so far.

I have a Makita cordless drill/driver (MADE IN JAPAN), have been very happy with Makita products, in fact, just purchased a new Makita 15A circularr saw.

I buy domestic when possible and/or practical, doesn't always happen. I have to be careful how I say things around my wife. Like, "I don't want anything that was made in so-and-so country". Now I say "I would rather not buy products made OVERSEAS if I can find domeestic.

Not knocking other countries, just trying to keep our "dead presidents" (cash) in this country.

The brits make a good "Wooly Pully" sweater, German made hand tools are very well-made (try Wiha screwdrivers, wrenches, nutdrivers), etc.

Look at the "MADE IN ..." label before you buy. I do.
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