... I realize I have to yield to the "Winds of Change",but this really is DISGUSTING.I'm actually appalled..maybe I've been living under a rock lately,but I never knew we were in such a sorry state of affairs,..sure I knew about downsizing,taking work overseas,but where does it stop??? Hiring foreign cows to give milk? Electrical power being produced by a hamster in a wheel from some 3rd world country,being delivered via satellite,and costing us just as much, if not more than before??? You Know what?? I'll bet cigarettes are still American made...sure,thats one thing that'll always turn a profit,and it won't matter who makes them,so might as well keep that here....(I smoke,by the way,..I'm just being cynical)..
Oh,I have a great idea,lets all hire help from 3rd world countries,..gotta be cheaper right?? I could just see it now...(Pulling up to Mr.and Mrs.Moneybags' suburban home and introducing my new helper from Kuala Lampur).."Uh,,this is Faloom Bwe-Bwe,..he's my exchange helper from Asia Minor...I pay him in rice.. Totally disgusting!!!

.."if it ain't fixed,don't break it...call a Licensed Electrician"