While working yesterday (Thursday) at the meat processing plant at which I am employed, I walked into our mechanic's room and noticed an extension cord on the floor. At first (passing) glance it looked like a cord that one of my co-workers had spliced an extra female connector at the end. (So there were two female connectors at that end.)

I thought "Hmm, a Two-Fer."

The connectors looked like the white-and-black type (can't think of the brand) of connector. As I walked by it again, on my way back out onto the floor, I noticed that the "black" parts of the connectors were missing (the part that covers the terminals and has an integral cord gripper), only wrapped with black elecrtical tape!!

I thought "Whoah, glad I didn't reach down and grab that!!"

One of my other co-workers had the audacity to ask me if I left my extension cord on the floor. "Barry, did you leave this e-cord on the floor?"

"No!!!, That is DEFINITELY not my extension cord!"

Well, I had to have a look at the splice. I (unplugged it) felt the splice and thought "Hmm, don't feel any butt crimp connectors in here... too small a wrap to have wire nuts in here...let's cut the tape and see..."

What did I find? Ohh, only that the black, white and green (12-3 SO) had been stripped at the same point along the cord. The main cord and the two "pigtails" had just been twisted -lefthanded- together, and taped alongside eachother. Talk about close!!! It's a wonder they didn't short.

Next, I peeled the tape off the female connectors, only to find that one of them had the black wire on the silver screw and the white wire on the brass screw.


Let's just say this "two-fer" is resting peacefully. Another hazard eliminated.

Have to make ethis guy up a 2x4 or 4x4 box with duplex receptacles with proper fittings, etc. Sheesh!! And he is one of my fellow "Industrial Technicians"!!

Someone who should know better, only knows enough to be dangerous!!! Probably thought he was pretty clever, too!!!