I am installing a 45kva 3 phase delta-wye 480/208/120 transformer in a vehicle repair shop. The transformer primary will be connected to a breaker in the 480/277 building service panel. The transformer secondary will feed a 100 amp 208/120 panel for power and lighting.

I want to be certain this installation is grounded & bonded properly.

The 480/277 building service panel is fed from the POCO through a meter base and disconnect.

Can anyone post a diagram of the proper grounding & bonding between the building service panel and the transformer primary; and grounding & bonding within the transformer case; and finally from the secondary to the 100 amp 208/120 panel?

I want to clearly understand the relationship between the neutral conductor and the equipment grounding conductor and bonding.

I hope I have posted this question clearly, if not let me know and I will do my best to clarify.

Thanks guys!