John the apt, 2nd floor unit has a four screw shell wooden fuse box, #12 knob and tube feeder, and #14 branch circuits, (only two actual circ.s since they used to fuse both hot and return. It was probably originally protected by a two screwshell knife switch back inthe day, with 30amp fuses.....someone took out the steam heat put in new service and replaced knife switches with 8-16 bryant panels, and added two 20 amp 240 feeders for baseboard heating units. and put old in apt. fuse cabinet on 1 20 amp single pole, and left 20 or 25amp fuses in old panel....I'm doing receptacle repair and safety check as the units become available. I've heard customers say that the electrician at the time said they never had to worry about the fuses in the apt box? and this on many occassions at different bldgs. in the SF/ Oakland area.....So I wasa wondering if there ever was a practice of putting entire apt on 1 20amp single pole, now these units probably only had five lights and five plugs, one per room.