In the last week I talked to two different owners of "HANDYMAN" businesses. Well, I asked em both point blank what they charge for electrical work. The one was $15 an hour and the other was $20 an hour. They both install services. The first guy told me he gets around $500 for a 150a service the other guy said he would have to see it. I'm in upsate NY, license requirements vary from town to town. No wonder I've been slow. I knew these guys were out there but I didn't know they worked that cheap! And, it's all legal as long as they have 300,000 in liabilty insurance. Makes it tough for us contractors that actually want to have a profitable business with a future. I've also seen in the last few years since jobs are being cut that these guys are everywhere you look and their all advertising electrical work. I don't know, maybe it's time to move or become a handyman.