I think the point of the articals is how a business should be structured. A corp. is it's own entity and idealy should make a proffit for the shareholders (owners) for investing in the company not for working. The people that run the corp (CEO(s)). should recieve a salery. Then the jobsite worker should be paid for work done. If your a small owner operator you might be neglecting to pay the shareholders and CEO(s). In that case you might just be recieving a wadge for job site work.

I $50K for the running of a suscesfull EC is a goal. Another $50K for being a superviser electrician is fair here. With 5% company profit at the end. I'm not there yet. I can understand some say it does not matter as long as I take home $$$$. I guess it all works out if the numbers are the same.

But if you take the lower numbers $35,000 and devide it into 3 parts like I said what are you making? I don't think I can get an experianced electrician around here for at least $41K ($20/hr).

The differance is an outsider might invest somewhere around what the company grosses if he can get a return more than garrented intrest at a bank. Pluss the $$$ a CEO is paid may make it worth his trouble or he may hire a person for the job.

Maybe another way to look at it:
Can you hire a manger, estomater, and electrician to work your hours and get your pay and benifits?

If asked a person to invest in your company what would they get at the end of the year?

No offence ment I just like to see us all do well.