Ah.... I like France too, and find most of the people to be pretty friendly, despite what a lot Brits seem to say.

There was a guy in Civray I upset one time, but as I'd just accidentally nearly knocked his apple stand over as the back of the camper caught it while trying to turn down a tight street, I guess he was entitled to be a little mad! [Linked Image]

Oh, and there was the boy of about 9 or 10 washing windshields in a parking lot one time. When I gave him his 5 francs he tried to con Johnny Foreigner into thinking it was only 1 franc. Tried to tell me that the big "5" was the serial number of the coin!

Ah well, les garcons seront les garcons, n'est-ce pas? [Linked Image]

The main thing I have against France is the petty bureaucracy and some of their more outlandish laws, but then I do admire the French for what I consider to be a healthy disregard for rules and regulations!

Also on the bright side is the prospect of having 400V 3-phase available in a home workshop..... [Linked Image]

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