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Posted By: Admin What's Wrong? - 06/03/04 12:24 AM
I don't know any of the history behind this, but thought it would make a good addition to the board.
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: DougW Re: What's Wrong? - 06/03/04 02:33 AM
Well, completely ignoring the "Non Metallic Cable in Free Air" to the right of the Panel, how about flagging the lovely multi colored (other than white, white identified, or bare copper / Aluminum) going to the "neutral" / Grounded buss?
Posted By: ThinkGood Re: What's Wrong? - 06/03/04 04:06 AM
Interesting how some of the NM sheathing is inside the panel, and some is cut way too short.

how about flagging the lovely multi colored...

Patriotism. Speaking of flagging, June 14th is Flag Day.

Here's the real punchline:
My wife took this picture. Really!
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: What's Wrong? - 06/03/04 06:30 AM
Thinkgood... Good to hear your wife is keeping an eye out for forum material [Linked Image] But this looks like its in someones basement, a friend of a friend of a friend? [Linked Image]... I wonder if the "thrifty nickel" guys who did an installation I came across moved! Shame for that QO panel to be treated this way! [Linked Image] [Linked Image]

Posted By: pauluk Re: What's Wrong? - 06/03/04 10:24 AM
Shame for that QO panel to be treated this way!
Definitely -- All that lovely wide-open space. (Those who have seen the pics of British panels know what I mean.... [Linked Image])
Posted By: ThinkGood Re: What's Wrong? - 06/03/04 11:41 PM
a friend of a friend of a friend?

House hunting!
Posted By: n1ist Re: What's Wrong? - 06/04/04 02:02 AM
Looks like a work in progress. Seems that someone is adding some new circuits - the hanging yellow romex. There's an open KO in the top of the panel, hopefully for those new ones.

It looks like there are neutrals and grounds mixed on the right bus; I can't see the bonding screw so I am not sure if this is a subpanel or not, but that lone ground coming in thru the conduit on the upper right implies that this is the main. The white reidentified with green as a ground looks a little to small to be restriped green.

Blues are OK for neutral (harmonized wiring uses blue for that) but having blue for both hot and neutral can be confusing.
Posted By: CTwireman Re: What's Wrong? - 06/04/04 02:39 AM

Blue is not OK for use as a neutral. IMO, The blue neutral from the "harmonized" system is a code violation. See article 200.

White cannot be reidentified as green no matter what the size. White may only be reidentified for use as an ungrounded conductor as part of a cable assembly.

Posted By: Texas_Ranger Re: What's Wrong? - 06/04/04 10:51 AM
I also like the way the yellow NM is run to the bottom right breaker. Guess they didn't try to put on the panel cover so far [Linked Image]
Posted By: DougW Re: What's Wrong? - 06/06/04 06:05 AM
At least it's yellow NM, and not the yellow extension cord seen elsewhere in these pages!
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: What's Wrong? - 06/06/04 05:11 PM
Looking at this, I gotta wonder if there's someone adding circuits someplace & just temped in a couple in the process... While it would've saved on some wasted time termination things twice.. If I'm working on a house, the cover is going back on anything thats hot before I leave... If it's someplace where kids are around, I'll bring someone to stand next to the panel & say "Don't touch that!" while I work [Linked Image]
As far as the blue neutrals, it looks like someone brought a limited number of #12 THHN colors when they installed the QO inplace of what was probably old fuses in the can to the right.. Hey! You all know where copper prices are going? Whats cheaper? carry a rainbow of wire or a rainbow of phase tape? [Linked Image] (Yeah yeah, I know! [Linked Image] ) Anyways I think the blue & white wire contrasting with the gray panel can looks marvy! [Linked Image]

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