Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I guess I picked that up somewhere along the line and it just kind of sticks..I like nearest and readily accessible much better.

I think I got written up one time up in Alaska by an inspector who made me move a disconnect from one wall to another the other was an exterior door.

To be honest I have not looked at the verbage in a long time so I will be reading that whole section thouroughly.

Strike "IMMEDIATELY" and replace with "nearest" or "readily accessible". I think readily accessible is my ticket.

This is a HUGE log cabin that is overbuilt to say the least. The builder put three top plates and a strip of osb sandwiched in between those. I some places he covered all the holes to the receptacles with a strip of sheetrock nailer around all the places there was nothing to nail to. Now I have to go back and drill out all of those. It was his gig to bore all the holes in the exterior wall. He did a half a** job.

Thanks again for the great comments and advice.