I have a building with 2 services. One single phase and one three phase.
1phase service is fed w/250's which are tapped to 4/0 which go through a 200a meter socket than remain 4/0 to a 400a breaker.
All though 4/0 to breaker is obviously wrong, the load of the building is about 180a, hence the 200a meter socket.

My associate/friend who owns a generator service business, has used other electricians in the past and says that "we" do it all the time , meaning use a three phase generator, running conductors to a three phase transfer switch, and than using two of the legs for the single phase, and the three for the three phase.
Only thing we need to power with the three phase is a 70a disc for hvac.
I do not see anything in Art700 pertaining to this. My logic is telling me this shouldnt be done. Need advise

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