So, I have had some debate. And, I need some clarification. So, I figure this forum is the best place to throw this out to the world...

4 story single family dwelling.....1st story more than 50% above grade.
Romex, O.K.?

( AHJ on '99 NEC )

This is some of the debate I have had via e-mail. And the last word... But, I would like your take on it.

Hey (fellow co-worker),

The Code has NOT CHANGED! I TOLD YOU SO! Be glad you didn't take that bet. It is the almost the exactly same wording as it has been for the last 20 years, until we adopt the '02, or '05. I HAVE CHECKED ALL THE WAY BACK TO 1987!

However, I called the City today on my way to my job. ( I had to hear this from the horses mouth!) I asked him to confirm the Code we are to use, he did. Then asked him the question. And, I assume I talked to the same person that you did. ( I didn't bother to ask his name. )'Cause, I got the same answer, almost to the word. Who, said also that, "the Code has not changed, it has always been that way. There has never been a limit to hieght on one and two family dwellings. No, it's not a change in the interpitation."

I didn't push it..... This has got my goat! But, am I ( out of my mind )! I know I am not ( Halucinating )! This is not just a (Company) thing, but everybody I have worked for or with, and in the whole wide Bay Area, and Washington, has enforced the 3 story rule, for the last 14 years that I know of, right? Tell me I am not ( out of my mind ), please. Because I have had to re-wire because this was was sited on a remodel, where no-one I was working with had spoted a penthouse addition, and the Inspector pointed it out to us. Then had us completely re-wire. In San Fran... And, I heard ( other co-worker) recently had a simular issue. Tell me I am not (out of my mind )!

From the '93 NEC Handbook: ( It says the same in the '99 NEC Handbook, yes I have both. )
'Romex'.... "is permited for dwellings and other structures such as stores, professional offices, ect., provided these structures do not exceed three floors above grade." This is the interpretation on the 3 story rule. Same as it always has been.

There is only one minor difference to the two codes in 'uses permitted' that I'm referencing. That our Inspector is using for this.

"#1 One and two family dwellings - There are no exceptions after that." (He says. That's his justification on this issue.)
(#2 multi family dwelling, and other structures provided those structures do not exceed three floors above grade.

The difference is as follows: in the '93 the difference is the use of a comma.

One and two family dwellings, multi family dwelling, and other structures provided those structures do not exceed three floors above grade.

I hope you got the guys name, because he's the guy who you'll need to have to explain this to all the other Inspectors after our next four story remodel. Now, that I have heard it from the horses mouth, I'll shut up.......


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