Hey guys, I am thinking about moving to Texas, near Dallas. Do any of you know any good electrical contractors in that area?

I currently live in Mesa, Az. I am a foreman for Hatfield Reynolds electric. They give us a truck, furnish us with gas cards and a cell phone. I currently make $23.00 per hour and would like to carry over at least what I make now if not get more.

I don't know if you know but our house prices in Arizona sky rocketed the past year and it is almost imposible for me to buy a big enough house for my family here in Arizona anymore.

Big houses on big land is still cheap in Texas.

I know that you need to have a license to work in Texas. I have a contractors license here in Arizona and graduated from a four year apprenticeship program in 1998. Can you get you Texas license while still living in Arizona?

Any information in this regard would be greatly appreciated.