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Few pics I found
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#651 02/17/01 04:03 PM
Joined: Oct 2000
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Scott35 Offline OP
Broom Pusher and
File = [PC#2]C:\wordstrc\loco pictures links.doc

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to provide some pictures of various Locomotives that were discussed in the earlier post regarding Diesel Electric Locomotives.

Instead of attaching these images directly to this forum, I have included hyperlinks directly to specific pictures that I have on-line.
These photos are from my own collection.

Included with the link will be an explanation of the image, covering certain key consepts.

You should consider one of two options to use for viewing them and reading this message:

1: Open either the "Main Thumbnail Index" page in a separate window, or open each image in a separate window.
This will allow you to easily jump back and forth between the picture and this message without closing the forum.


2: Print this message out, then view each picture in a normal window, manually entering the URL for each.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy them and are successful viewing them.

FYI: all image catagories can be accessed from the site's main page, located at:

from there, just select a catagory, such as Santa Fe Railroad Photos, then look for the corresponding file name and click that thumbnail.

Part 1: Passenger Locomotive Photos
Note: If the direct links do not work OK, go to the Amtrak Photo's index page at:

File: 8barst.jpg
This is a shot of me in the cab of the GE B40-8WH [AKA Dash 8] Passenger Locomotive, built by General Electric.
It's very similar to the P42 inside and out. Notice the comfortable enviroment and solid state control panels.

File: p42a.jpg
This is a GE P42 Locomotive, similar to the one which I am pictured inside the cab.
This shot shows the Fireman's side of cab, plus the basic truck arrangement.
Locomotive is a 4 axle - 4 AC traction motor design, using a 4,000 HP 16 cylinder Diesel motor for the prime mover and a 700 HP diesel motor for the head-end power.

File: atf59.jpg
This is the EMD F59PHI. This Locomotive replaced EMD's F40PH in most passenger commuter service.
The locomotive is a 4 axle -4 DC traction motor design, using GM's 710 series diesel motor for the prime mover and a separate 700 HP diesel motor for head-end power.
Prime mover is a 3,000 HP, 12V710 diesel.

File: at223.jpg
Here is a multi-unit lashup of the old F40PH passenger locomotives, built by EMD.
These use GM's 645 series diesel motor for both the prime mover and head-end power, as both alternators were connected to it's output.
Prime mover is a 3000 / 3200 HP, 16V645 diesel.

File: at222.jpg
This is a shot I got from the Engineer's side in the cab of an F40PH locomotive, while passing another in route passenger train, which is also being pulled by an F40PH.
This was on two main tracks, as opposed to a siding, so both trains were traveling around 50 MPH.

File: atf7.jpg
This is a picture of the old EMD workhorses - the easilly recognized famous F7.

File: at573.jpg
This unit is an SDP40F model, which was a transitional era legacy locomotive.
The transition from F7 / FT based passenger units at the end of normal passenger services through Independent railroads, which brought in Amtrak, was where these locos had most useage. They were later traded to GM for credits applied to the F40PH fleets.
This locomotive incorporates a steam generator for head-end power.
EMD produced these units for Amtrak in 1973. They use the GM 645 series diesel motor,
which is a 3000 HP 16V645.
This locomotive has the type C-C trucks, which means it is a 6 axle - 6 traction motor unit.

Part 2: Santa Fe freight Locomotives.
The Santa Fe pictures thumbnail index is:

File: bnsf1b.jpg
Here is a newer GE freight locomotive, model C44-9W.
It uses C type trucks, having 6 axles - 6 AC traction motors.
Prime mover is a 4400 HP, 16 cylinder diesel motor.
Note the "pumpkin" paint scheme on this BNSF merger.

File: sf5711.jpg
Here is a classic EMD SD45-2

File: sf5910.jpg
File: sf91.jpg
These locomotives are EMD F45 [5910] and FP45 [91].
Note that the body fully covers these locomotives.
Also note the silver / red warbonnet paint scheme on FP45 #91

File: sf3270.jpg
Here is one of EMD's most easilly to ID locomotives, the GP30.
Note the detailed roof rising at the cab and ending 1/2 way down the long hood, where the dynamic brake grids are located.

File: sf3447.jpg
This shows a great shot of the fireman's side of the EMD GP35 unit.
Note the dynamic brake grids, the turbocharger air intake and the radiators' airpaths, located at the rear of the unit.

File: sf8754.jpg
This is a GE locomotive, model U36-C. Note the tunnel motor type design in the back [on the long hood]
That is the air intake for the radiators.

File: sf8018.jpg
Although it looks like the U36-C, it's actually a completely different locomotive model.
It's GE's model C30-7 locomotive.
This angle shows a little more detail on the access points, the radiator intakes and the engineer's side of the cab.

This shot comes from the Southern Pacific pictures area at:

File: sp8513.jpg
Is a shot of an EMD model SD40T-2 "Tunnel Motor" locomotive, as it's decending the 2.2% grade in Cajon Pass.
The Tunnel Motor design is clearly seen at the rear of this locomotive.
Compared to other EMD [GM] units, this one has an easy to find design.
This is one of the two GM models that were developed for tunnel usage by Southern Pacific and Rio Grande.
Today, nearly all EMD's production line incorporates the tunnel motor method for radiator air intake.

These two shots come frm the Union Pacific pictures area at:

File: up6911.jpg
This is the famous DDA40X "Centennial" locomotive, which Union Pacific had special ordered from EMD to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of driving the Golden Spike at Promentary Point, Utah. 1869 - 1969.
Locomotive is a D-D truck with 8 axles total [4 per truck] with 8 traction motors.
These units used 2 - separate 16V645 diesel motors per unit.
Total of 6600 HP.
If you look closely, there is a doorway going through the middle part of the long hood [body section behind the cab].
This is where the two motors are separated.
Overall length of this locomotive was 98 feet, 2"

File: up6907.jpg
Is another DDA40X, shot from the engineer's side

File: updda40a.jpg
shows a back view of the DDA40X locomotive

File: up41.jpg
Here is an EMD model SD45. Note the angle of the intake fans for the radiators on the back of the unit.
Also, note the large dynamic brake "blister" with 2 cooling fans.

I hope these pictures are interesting. Feel free to look over other ones and ask a question or two.
Might include some other shots, such as pictures of various engine blocks, cab control panels, interior electrical panels and a few nice clean locomotives in my soon to be opening website.

See ya!

Scott "S.E.T."

Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!
#652 02/19/01 11:10 PM
Joined: Oct 2000
Posts: 2,723
Likes: 1
Scott35 Offline OP
Broom Pusher and
Just wanted to see if anyone checked out these pictures.

Let me know if you did and if you like them

Scott "S.E.T." [Linked Image]

Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!

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