Good Morning -

I have a question about generators and associated permits, codes and fire suppression. I am a licensed journeyman in Mass.

I work in a state facility here in Mass.

I have just purchased an entire solution from APC called an area 1 type B symettra solution. 80 KW UPS and a 200 KW Genset. The beauty of this system is it was designed as an entire solution for data centers and server rooms. The generator communicates with the UPS and transfer switch via ethernet and an APC apliance called an infrastructre manager. It is pretty slick and all of it is remotely reachable via WWW. All of the equipment will send me alerts when fuel is low, cabinet doors are opened, oil needs to be changed, generator is running, ups is on battery, batteries are low/dead....

My question is more of a local question specific to Mass. Does anyone have any familiarity with Mass requirements for installing this generator ie; permits, fire suppression, limits on diesel tank size....?

Currently this generator is not going to be providing life safety power. Only email, file servers, network gear and staorage arrays. No phones or emergency lighting.

I have a PE EE assisting me with design and construction. He may likely know these answers but I like getting feedback from this site from others as well.

I am interested in all feedback.

Thank you for reading.

This website is part of my daily routine. I read it daily and couldn't buy the knowledge it has given me.