I looked at a job today where the property management Company wants me to replace a old 4/0 SEU riser cable that is feeding 5 meters.This is a residential 5 unit house.A load calculation must have been submitted previously on the dwelling to allow the 4/0 feed.All 5 meters are ganged together w/ the SEU feeding into the first meter. Each meter then feeds a panel w/ a 60amp main.My question is what is the best way to do the grounding in this situation.The poco doesnt want any grounding in the meters so I have to remove the existing ground. Can I run my #4 ground to the last panel and split bolt taps to each panel.What is confusing me here is a 60amp panel w/ a #4 ground in it.Would taping #6 to each panel from the #4 be the call? The #6 watermain bond would be a split bolt tap to each as well.Any ideas are appreciated..Thanks ToHo