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#50799 04/12/05 10:40 AM
Joined: Oct 2002
Posts: 830
Any one out there had a "fatal error" come up on their quick books program? I have an error coming up that says "fatal error V5.OD R7 (M=1112, L=2987,C=44,V=-4 (FFFFFFFC))
I tried to get in touch with Q Books support, but they say they do not support 5.0 any more and won't tell me anything unless I upgrade, which I can't do right now. I'm afraid I might have deleted something that was essential for the program. It has to do with the addition part, I think. Only happens when I enter a dollar amount that has to be added to a previous total. My hard drive was loaded to much and I got rid of what I thought I didn't need. Hope I didn't get rid of part of quick books. I didn't as far I know, but I don't know as much as I would like to know about these computers [Linked Image] It makes this "thundering sound" and tells me quick books has to "abort" [Linked Image] Any thoughts on it would definitely be appreciated. Steve

#50800 04/12/05 11:18 AM
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 625
Since it sounds like it used to work, I think we can assume it's not problem of something that fundamentally can't work.

So, I would suggest that you back up your database (both to alternate media, and a paper copy, as well), un-install QuickBooks, and then re-install it. That will likely get rid of the problem.

#50801 04/12/05 02:17 PM
Joined: Dec 2004
Posts: 1,064

I had an error once that was generated while I was doing close to the same thing you are explaining. My suuport contract ran out, and they wanted me to either purchase another years support, or upgrade to help me.

Now QB doesn't provide error codes for their software, and they are not listed in any manuals I have. I don't why they don't do this, but it is probably Intuits way of making extra money off you.

After 2 weeks of QB not working and me hounding QB people, it turns out, it was another MICROSOFT problem. MS was giving me the QB error. I had a corrupt file on Windows and had to delete and re-install the new patch file from MS.

First do a search on the web with the exact error code you get, you may find it is a MS file, if you are running windows.

Second, QB support groups can be found on the QB site as well as others on the web out there. Search there before believing QB and upgrading to something you may not need.

Good Luck,


#50802 04/12/05 07:19 PM
Joined: Oct 2002
Posts: 830
Thanks for the input. Dnk, how would I do a search on the web? The error message itself brought up no results. I looked at a program called "PC Bug Doctor". It says it will repair any errors on the computer in minutes. Anyone ever used this? I'm sorta of "leary" of trying some of these things; afraid they might be infected themselves. thanks Steve

#50803 04/13/05 04:50 PM
Joined: Dec 2004
Posts: 1,064
Was that the error code you got, the one you posted?

Try google, or Copernic, if you have it.

If not, post the code here and I'll try.
Did you check the QB forum?

#50804 04/14/05 01:13 AM
Joined: Oct 2000
Posts: 2,723
Likes: 1
Broom Pusher and

Regarding the error, I have a few questions, as follows:


[*] Is this error shown on a "BSOD" (Blue Screen Of Death) - application "disappears" and the entire screen is Blue, with grainy white text describing the problem?,

[*] If not a BSOD, does the error come in a dialog box form, as either a General Protection Fault, or a Rectangular white box containing the Fatal Error description - such as a C+ error?,

[*] Have you installed / removed / altered / tweeked any Software, or Hardware just before the application began having this error?,

[*] Did any MS Office applications, or 3rd Party database type applications, have an "Extreme" fault occur before this error began?,

[*] Does your Computer run "Oddly" now, or start to exhibit weird behavior - just before, or just after - the error?,

[*] Can you get consistant and repeat results, if you intentionally try to cause the error? (do you get the error all the time when doing something, or can you predict when the error will occur),

[*] Does this error occur when the application is launched (started)?,

[*] Does Windows have any errors reported when it is launched?,

[*] Have you archived (backed-up) your user data for the QBooks Databases that have been created? I certainly hope this is "Yes"!!!

What is going on (of course), is the Application has become unstable, due to the loss and/or corruption of file(s) and/or routine(s) within it or the Windows Registry.

The problem may be a result from losing a shared resource - such as a "DLL" or "VXD", loss of a driver - such as an "INF", something related to a runtime error or a dynamic String, or an evolving bug in the application itself.

Problem may also be a result from Disk Kernal failure, or a related file/driver that doesn't exist now because it's orphaned, or lost when the Kernal gave out.

Best advice I could give would be to first check the Quick Books website, and see if you can find any patches or updates for your version.
You should be able to find something regarding known issues of different versions, in the form of a text document - along with a "fix" file containing descriptions, somewhere within the support area on their site.

As others mentioned, check for support forums. There may (actually should) be links to these forums.

Likely you will need to uninstall the application, then re-install it. This might be a good idea to do anyway - even if patches are available (reinstall, then patch).
If the application has gone this far, it has become unstable.

The errors reported - in anything "Not A Blue Screen", typically point towards a software situation. They are indeed something that Windows has some issues with - since it is the Operating System. Whatever went haywire has caused the OS to react this way - terminating the application.
Could be the application, the OS, or both of them, but since this is a C++ deal, it looks like some type of function call is totally freaking out the OS.

If the error generated a Blue Screen, this would be a result of some hardware not doing what it is supposed to do.
Could be from failure, but likely due to an angry driver vs. OS fight
[Linked Image]

Anyhow, try some of the suggestions mentioned and let us know what happens.
Also let me know if you have any questions regarding the stuff I have posted tonight.


Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!
#50805 04/14/05 05:39 AM
Joined: Aug 2001
Posts: 332
I had the same prob with my version. Come to find out I had done same as you and cleaned up the hard drive (and accidently screwed up a needed file). I reinstalled the prog (which was a bit of a prob since I don't have the orig disk) and it came back to life. No probs since.

#50806 04/14/05 06:28 AM
Joined: Dec 2002
Posts: 6
Junior Member
Be careful with the uninstall/reinstall. When we got a new computer, I backed up Qpro and installed the original program on the new computer. Quick books wouldn't read the backup. After spending the required amount of money ($124) with Intuit, I found out that since I had reinstalled the original program again, none of the updates had been downloaded...

#50807 04/14/05 08:33 AM
Joined: Oct 2002
Posts: 830
Scott, to try to answer your questions:

My "error" comes in a rectanglar box, not the "BSOD". Has this "thundering noise" when I click OK though. Also I had a "warning" recently that my "hard drive" was dangerously full with only 150 MB left of free space. I started "deleting" programs that I didn't regularly use. I emptied my recycle bin, and so far only have come up with 327 MB of free space, which keeps the warning screen off, but my computer still seems a little slow. Before I emptied the recycle bin, I tried to look over the files and make sure I didn't see anything that I thought might be relevant to the working of windows or any other program I needed. There wasn't anything with the resemblance of Quick Books on it.
To answer some of your other questions, yes my computer is starting to act slower. The sites I open, (also this site at ECN) comes up lots slower than usual.
I only notice the error right now, when I try to put an entry into one of the files in Quick Books that requires the amount to be added to the previous total, such as the "Enter Bills" option. So far, I don't get the warning with nothing else. Only thing is like I said, I've some of the sites come up slower than usual. To answer another question, there was something pertaining to windows on one of the "warnings". I think it only said that this failure would cause windows to close, or something like that. And yes, I back up my quick books on a regular basis. I don't have the original as far as I know, so I might be forced to buy another version. But anyway, thanks for all the input. I'll try to get back later when I can find out more of what's going on. Thanks again .. Steve.

#50808 04/19/05 09:45 PM
Joined: Oct 2004
Posts: 135
Sparks are you using XP? If so, I would try going to programs, system tools and then system restore. Restore to a date that everything was fine. It's worked for me a number of times.

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