I have an alarm type system that I'm preparing for. I'm wiring 2 sets of motion lights at the rear entrance of a building for "special occupants". These motion lights will trigger an alarm bell when they sense intruders. I will come off of the load side of the motion light to feed the bell. Also I am going to wire it so that when the outside exit doors are opened, the lights and bell will go off. I will be using a low voltage transformer and door contacts and a 24 volt coil relay to trigger the lights and bell from the door contacts. My question is, that I will be doing the same thing for another part of the building, but that part of the building is in another wing. The alarms will sound through 2 chimes ( one in each of 2 "staff offices"). I want one set of doors to sound the "ding dong" sound, and the other set to sound the "dong" sound [Linked Image] Will 2 sets of 24 volt supplies on the same chime create a short, if their 120 volt supply to the two set of transformers are on different phases?
I guess they would, probably a dumb question, but I've never had to deal with 24 volts on 2 separate 120 volt feeds.
I may have to set 2 different chimes in the offices to get what I want. Just for information sake, it is not feasible to get all sets of doors on the same 120 volt supply. I might be able to get them on the same phase with much investigation, but it may not be easy to do. Hope this makes sense. Steve