I did my first fiber installation a couple of weeks ago. It was a situation where the customer needed to extend their computer network from one building to another 300' away and cutting the parking lot wasn't an option. We got 6 fiber cable with a messenger wire cut to length and pre-terminated from the factory with pulling eyes attached. It was really slick. We went over-head about 300' and terminated to a Panduit patch panel on each end. We used Signamax media converters on each end to change back to Cat5e. Right now we're only using 2 of the 6 fibers so the customer is wanting to use another pair for video. There are alot of possibilities for them now. Cutting and repairing the parking lot was going to cost around $2500.00 alone. We ran the whole fiber job over-head for $3000.00 material and labor. It was even cheaper than the wireless set-up they were quoted and the fiber offered a lot more options for the future.