Been on layoff from my "side" job for an established (50+ yr) EC for 6 mo - we were supposed to be working several new houses, but got into pissing contest with a deadbeat GC/developer, resulting in loss of jobs. We were supposed to be starting on a new job (different GC) first week of Jan - got pushed off 'cause of slow nail bangers... Oh well, stuff happens.

Got phone call from my foreman yesterday - figure he's telling me we'll be starting on Tuesday. Not quite.

Seems he got called to coffee with the bosses (2 brothers). After their dad (70+) suffered a stroke last year, they took over the business Power of Attorney. Seems like the extended slowdown was too much. They told him they were shutting down the shop, and he was just passing along the news.

I'm gonna miss those guys. They were real understanding of my FD schedule, and, while they didn't pay great (for Chicago area), they were a good bunch.