Well, I think I got you all. I was on a remodel of a building that the local YMCA bought next door to add some office space, anyway, there was a 3' dropped ceiling that we used for a chase. I got up my ladder to go into this just opened space to look for a route for my pipe run, and just as I put my hand on the joist a box fell onto my head.

There was dust all over me, in my hair, face and I breathed in as I was startled, it got into my lungs. I was coughing badly, and I couldn't see to get off the ladder. I froze right there and I got covered. I finally wiped my face off and came down the ladder still coughing up a storm and grabed the box that hit me and turned it over. It read
" timothy boy remaines April 1906"

Yup, it was ashes from some kid's creamation. The building next door use to be a funeral home years ago,