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Trumpy #221239 04/17/21 07:10 PM
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 9,644
Originally Posted by Trumpy
Originally Posted by gfretwell
I did one Pfizer and #2 is Sunday. The first shot gave me a buzz, sort of like drinking too much Nyquil and the stuffiness head cold thing that might have you doing that. It lasted several hours and my arm was tender for 2 days. Some of that arm thing might just be the person giving the shot. They seemed to be pretty aggressive with the plunger.

That is quite strange, Greg, although I think you were best to get the Pfizer dose, there is so much going on with the other forms of this vaccine (namely AstraZeneca), that make people hesitant to be dosed with it, and that isn't good.
And it isn't because of racism or anything like it (more my own safety), but I would hate to think that something from China or Russia is going to help me at all, considering the ad-hoc nature that had occurred when their vaccines were released.
I believe the NZ Government has gone with Pfizer, but if you're a lowly tradesman like myself, you're at the bottom of the list and I "might" get a vaccine dose by mid 2022.

The 2 big ones here are Pfizer and Moderna. They started the J&J and yanked it back rightr away because a few women had blood clots, literally one in a million. We seem to be getting the vaccinations taken care of here in Florida. They had a shortage of supply for a while but now they have more vaccine than they can use. Anyone over 15 can sign up and the last I heard they had a couple thousand open appointments for next week left over here. This round of appointments opened last week. My doctor cold called me and asked if I wanted to come in for a shot. It looks like if you want one, you can get one. My second dose went a lot easier. I didn't have anything to complain about.

Greg Fretwell
Trumpy #221241 04/17/21 07:34 PM
Joined: Feb 2003
Posts: 365
Looks like up here in Canada we are starting the 3rd wave of the virus. Ontario is starting to do an extreme lock down (Ontario Provincial Police are stopping vehicles on the Trans Canada Highway at the Manitoba Ontario border to see if you meet the residency rules to enter Ontario) and here in Manitoba I expect to see things gets locked down more starting Monday or Tuesday.

i think I became eligible for a shot on Friday but have not yet checked to make sure

Trumpy #221242 04/18/21 12:08 AM
Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 826
I'm one of the recalcitrant ones who refuse to take anything that's unapproved but allowed under Emergency Use Authorization. I take an additional 500 mg of Vitamin C every day and 50 mg of zinc every other day. I eat some of the raspberry, blackberry, blueberry medley from Sam's every day because I like it and the blueberries and blackberries, contain Quercetin, a zinc ionophore. The multi and vision vitamins that I've been taking all along, should already contain all of the Vitamins B and D that I need. I have zero concern about getting the Wuhan Slam and dying from it.

Should I get the bug, the key is treating it early. I wouldn't hesitate to ask for several medications that are highly effective at treating the virus AND getting YouTube videos removed. When I hear doctors saying that they treated over 1700 patients with active Wuhan, with cheap medicine that was FDA approved 66 years ago, I listen. Especially when they all got better. I think doctors who tell patients who are already presenting, to go home and take Tylenol, until they can't breathe, are guilty of malpractice! But these are just the rantings of a madman who chose engineering over medicine.

To all of my friends here, note the CDC Guidance: Before your shots, you should distance, wear a mask, and not go anywhere. 2 weeks after your 2nd shot, you should distance, wear a mask, and not go anywhere. They're starting to suggest that you might need a booster shot after 6 months or yearly. Some of you might start feeling that you're getting played. I can't figure out why restrictions I'm supposed to comply with as a U.S. citizen living in Chicago, don't apply to the human trafficking at our Southern border. If only they would "Follow the Science" and not "Follow the Political Science". I downloaded all of the fact sheets and the, "When You've Been Fully Vaccinated_CDC" PDFs. I would suggest anyone thinking about getting vaccinated, looking over the ingredients of each, to make sure you aren't allergic to anything in them.

Trivia: In a Barcelona study of 269 Covid patients, every patient who died, had less than 50 ug/dL of zinc in their blood. The normal healthy level is around 100ug/dL. The loss of taste and/or smell is often caused by zinc deficiency. And your T cells need zinc. Cold, flu, and Wuhan corona viruses all bind to ACE2 receptors in your lungs and zinc interferes with that. Making sure that you get enough B, C, D, zinc, and zinc ionophores, helps against all and has no downside. Unlike these mRNA gene therapies and the sorta kinda vaccine, our bodies require them anyway.

Just like the gizmo that you can plug in and save hundreds of $$$ off of your electric bill with, you should put everything Wuhan to the smell test. And if you can still smell it with your mask on, you should put wearing masks to the smell test. Just sayin'.

By the way, the OBGYN in Florida, developed the rare platelet disease that killed him, 3 days after taking the Pfizer
shot. The USA Today article didn't mention if it was the first or second dose.

Trumpy #221244 04/19/21 02:39 PM
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 7,274
Likes: 2
Just my two cents.....

Situation here in New Jersey construction wise is the cost increases in materials across the trades. Lumber prices are thru the roof, and other trades are having the same issues. 250' coil of 12/2 Rx was $122 at the big box store last week. Top that with a lot of 'out of stocks'

J&J vax was pulled last week, leaving Moderna and Phiser (sp) as the available items. basically, there is no choice for those in line, you get what they have. The age just dropped to 16 and older last week!

I'm sorry to hear that the lockdowns are about to start. Police at the border is something we did not have here, but we sure could use more at the southern borders!!

Nothing wrong with the vitamin/mineral options in my book. Yes, my wife and I got the vax; our choice. As to masks, I have to wear one at work, and masks are still required here in NJ, so that is how it is. Personally, I wish this plague was over.

Trumpy #221245 04/23/21 05:06 PM
Joined: Feb 2003
Posts: 365
I'm surprised that the Manitoba govt did not yet lock us down as was predicted last week by the media. One thing that has changed is the shots are now being targeted to certain areas of Winnipeg (as well as being available to the rest of Manitoba). If you live or work in the hot spot areas and are over 18 you can get a shot right away.

If not in that area you still have the age and job restrictions for the shot. I was at my pharmacy for a shingles shot today and the pharmacist told me that they were sold out of the Covid -19 shots and were not sure when the provincial government was sending them more so they could schedule injections. Apparently the big health dept shot centers (2 floors of the Winnipeg Convention Center) don't have any shortages.

Personally i'd rather go local for my shot than have to go downtown and line up with a few hundred people at a time for the same shot. At least they validate the parking at the convention center to entice people to get shots

Last edited by mbhydro; 04/23/21 05:07 PM.
Trumpy #221246 04/24/21 04:17 PM
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 9,644
The logjam on the shots in Florida seems to be broken open. Anyone 16 and up can pretty much get a shot if they want one and appointments are going unfilled. They are starting "walk ups". Just go get your shot. My doctor even called and sait I could go see him for one.

Greg Fretwell
Joined: Jul 2002
Posts: 8,407
Trumpy Offline OP
There is so much pseudo-science out there at the moment it isn't even funny.
People that refuse to wear masks, people that don't distance themselves from others.
THAT is what spreads this sort of thing, especially when Mr X or Mrs Y sneeze all over people
without putting their hand or elbow over their mouth, beforehand.
It is un-forgiveable, especially if you're waiting in line to be tested for this virus and it stays in the air.

To refuse a shot of something that could not only save your life, but those around you, doesn't make
a lot of sense in my opinion.
Sure it might be "un-tested", but it wouldn't have been released if it were dangerous to the people it is
trying to vaccinate.

Joined: Jul 2002
Posts: 8,407
Trumpy Offline OP
Originally Posted by Bill Addiss

Just this week I went for a consultation on some shoulder issues which probably started 20 years ago. Turns out I've got some sizable (some BIG) bone spurs on my left shoulder which have significantly affected my range of motion over the years and in recent years often been painful and sent my arm into spasms.

Sorry to thread-jack you, but I ask the question.
What exactly is a bone-spur?

Trumpy #221257 04/27/21 07:58 AM
Joined: Oct 2000
Posts: 4,034
Likes: 1

Here's an explanation from the web:

Bone spurs develop most often in parts of the body where bone rubs against bone. Some doctors say this is a part of the normal aging process; that it's the body's way of compensating for worn-down cartilage and bone loss, which occurs due to osteoarthritis. Essentially, the body tries to repair the worn-down cartilage and bone loss by forming a new bone.

So, in my case when lifting or moving my arm past a certain point the new growth of bone around the joint causes pain and it from moving any further.

The Doctor told me it's common for people that spend a lot of time working overhead.

Trumpy #221340 05/08/21 01:30 PM
Joined: Feb 2003
Posts: 365
Tonight at 1 minute after midnight up here in Manitoba we go into our 3rd major lockdown expected to last until the end of May.

Personal services (gyms, hair cuts,etc) are closed down again and retailers can only have 10% of occupancy permit or 100 people which ever is less. A Costco in my part of Winnipeg had over 200 people in line at 9am this morning waiting to get in to try and beat the longer lines that will be starting on Sunday. I wonder if toilet paper will be in short supply again?

Restaurants are again limited to take out / delivery only.

Schools are still open but I would not be surprised to see them close and to back to online learning sometime in the next few days.

Fines for people not following mask/ gathering rules are doubling if they are a repeat offender. If they don't pay up they will not be allowed to renew their drivers license. No license then the govt will garnishee your income.

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