Hi Guys,
It's that end of the week, the good end!.
Us at ECN, realise this, therefore, we have opened the Chat room up for ALL members here to get in there and blow some steam off and have a good laugh at the same time.
This is a good opportunity to actually meet the people that post here during the week.
We do come and go, but come in and catch up with us.
There is no topic that is Off topic in there, although politics is frowned upon.
Other than that, the floor is yours.

Just click on the pic of the guy using the computer to your left and you can get in from there.

If you have any problems, please by all means, let me know in this thread.

This Chat room is here to be used, please use it, we've had great fun in there since it's been going.

BTW, now that Bill has installed the Counter just below the log-in window, you can see how many of us people are in the Chat room at the moment when you sign in.



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