I have been in the trade for 18 years most of which have been in electrical maintenance in industrial plants, a instrumentation and controls company have been offering me work at about $47 an hour for 4 months now and I have been avoiding excepting the job, the new owner has contacted me with a offer that sounds to good to be true, he lost his RME and is fishing for a new qualifier, I am thinking of telling him I'm not going to put my license on the line for his 13 techs and all the liability that the business will bring unless I have some control over certain decisions and also a RMO position with at least 20% of the company so I'm not tied down to his company and end up not being able to contract outside of his business if I so choose to.
I prayed about it called a couple of my sounding boards for some old fashion wisdom, one friend of mine who is a developer reminded me of a conversation I happen to be present at where he was meeting with a banker about 6 months ago they were discussing plans to build a power plant, Well negotiations are coming to a head and my developer friend wants to meet with me tomorrow and I am thinking "get earnest letter to build=get 20% ownership to freelance", well that’s what’s currently on the table any body have any thoughts, experience, or just want to make a joke?