Probably die on it's fet this one but, I need to vent my spleen.
Amtech software, used it for years. Every year they make it prettier, downsize it's functionality, increase its price. You have to take out 'support' to enable you to receive upgrades/updates...bit of a con, but...
Anyway, took out 2007 support [but refused to upgrade to v.2007 as it was purely a cosmetic change]. Late 2006 BS5266 [emergency lighting stds] changed. March 2007 no upgrade. forms were being completed to the old standard. Contacted them " oh, we are on with it". Regular monthly calls to them and the best tht they can come up with is..." buy a pad of forms and fill them in by hand"...yeah,right!!
that's what we boughtthe software for in the first place.
It is now november 2007 and I have received invoice for 2008 support. Guess what? Pay for 2008 and they have cured the problem!!!!!!! anybody else out there having this trouble or is anyone that uses the software just resigned to the fact? or has nobody else noticed the error?
Do not know how many uk sparks view this page, but all comments invited [or suggestions as to what weight of brick I should deposit through their windows] We are thinking of litigation, prolly too costly though.


On a lighter note. Anybody know of a good cheap design [elec] program??