Okee...I need some good answers here.

We had a project that went into Canada (Montreal to be exact) that was to be CSA marked on site. When it arrived, the inspector rejected it based upon there were no secondary seals located on the instruments.

The CSA inspector informed the engineering house that we should have installed two conduit seals at every instrument. My contention is that conduit seals and secondary seals are two completely different items. My understanding is that conduit seals restrict gas under ambient conditions, whereas secondary seals are backups to primary seals (for pressurized isolation) and should be of the same protection types. My understanding is that the engineering company should have specified equipment with integral secondary seals.

The engineering house hired a local contractor to install double conduit seals and the CSA inspector blessed it. The engineering house is now backcharging us for the "fix".

Could someone offer any opinions on something we may have missed or misunderstood?