Prefixes to rated assemblies

A Floor-Ceiling Designs-Concrete with Cellular Steel Floor Units and Beam Support

Example; A815

D Floor-Ceiling Designs-Concrete with Steel Floor Units and Beam Support

Example; D218

G Floor-Ceiling Designs-Concrete and Steel Joists

Example; G264

J or K Floor-Ceiling Designs-Precast and Field Poured Concrete

Example; J714

L Floor-Ceiling Designs- Wood or Combinatio Wood and Steel Joists

Example; L211

N Beam Designs-for Floor-Ceiling Assemblies

Example; N603

P Roof-Ceiling Designs

Example; P244

S Beam-Designs-for Roof=Ceiling Designs

Example; S723

U or V Wall and Partition Designs

Example; U501

X or Y Column Designs

Example; X522

These assembly types play a big part in how we address Fire Proofing.

If you know the assembly design number you can find it here. For a trial, punch in any of the design numbers posted above.


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