We've all heard of Heat stress from working in Temperate environments, like Boiler-rooms and Commercial kitchens, but there is also the problem of Cold Stress.
And to a certain extent, it can be more dangerous than heat stress, because of loss of sensation in the extremities (fingers, toes).
With you guys working outside this Winter, just be mindful of this.
I was working with a Line Mechanic, during my time and we were driving an Earth Electrode next to a pole out in the middle of nowhere, on a day that was as cold as the Antarctic, when he slipped with the sledge-hammer and the handle hit him in the leg.
I asked him if he was OK and he said he was and I thought no more more about it.
He went to get a clamp from the truck and I noticed a trail of blood leading up to where he was standing.
He had hit a varicose vein and was bleeding quite profusely, unfortunately it was so cold he never felt the damage done by the hammer handle. [Linked Image]
Don't get caught like this, especially if you work alone!.
Enough said.
Here's a PDF file that goes into a bit more detail about this subject.

[Linked Image]
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