Is the industrial world REALLY this bad when it comes to electrical installations!!! News this past week that the lady walking her dog in NY was electrocuted by a improperly wrapped wire.

Dog electrocuted by 'live' lamppost

A dog has died after it urinated on a lamppost that had been made 'live' by faulty wiring.

Council officials in the Austrian capital Vienna were called out by the furious dog owner.

They confirmed the metal casing around the lamppost had been charged with electricity due to a loose wire.

Council spokesman Nikolaus Thiemann said: "It was not a large charge, it was under 100 volt which for a human with two legs on the ground and a good pair of shoes would probably not be dangerous.

"But a dog has better contact with the ground and in addition the ground was wet, so the charge earthed very


The dog's owner had been walking his pet on a lead and stopped to allow the it to urinate.

Story filed: 11:15 Friday 30th January 2004