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This is an electric puzzle that was shown to one of our electricians at a supply house. I have been told that hundreds of

people have tried to solve it to no avail. I have not seen this thing but our guy has explained it to me. If there are any

questions I will try to get answers. I have not tried to solve it myself as of yet but I will later.

Here it is,

There are two single conductors connected to a 120V male 2-wire cord cap.

Each wire, the hot and grounded conductor, goes to a different box made of porcelain or something similar and non conductive.

There is a single conductor between the two boxes.

In each box there is a toggle switch and a porcelain light socket with an incandescant lamp.

The toggle switch controls the lamp in the opposite box regardless of the position of the switch in the box with the controlled


The switch is a mini toggle switch. Don't know if it is SPST, SPDT or DPDT.

Our guy swears it works as described.

Good luck? Let me know what you come up with.


Relative Schematic Image Below

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